View Full Version : Urgent: Uninstall EPS.msi from the endpoint Client

2011-04-29, 07:54
Hey all,
I've just installed my client package EPS.msi in my client host. But i released that it was a wrong step. I mean, I must setup first of all the Master_FULL EPS.msi to make connection with the server then after i can setup my EPS.msi wich was depolyed as a policies package in the Endpoint Server. Now, i want uninstall the EPS.msi. It won't to be uninstalled, despite i wrote the correcte uninstall password.
Help me please, to uninstall this. It's really urgent!!

2011-04-30, 05:36
try "secret" as uninstall password

2011-05-04, 07:59
It works thanks :)