View Full Version : Looking for wrappers for R55 and R65 for Windows SmartCenter server

2011-04-27, 04:27
Hi, I inherited two SmartCenter servers, both running on Windows, one is R55 and the other R65, however, I can't find the original CDs or files that were used to install the software.
I've trawled around on the usercenter but am unsure of what the files would be called, can anyone please help, I would like to download these files (I have a service contract) so that in the event of failure I would be able to rebuild the servers.
Thanks in advance for any help

2011-04-27, 05:45
They don't seem to show up on normal searches anymore, but a bit of clicking finds some of the packages. Found these by going Usercenter -> Visit Product Pages -> Security Gatewayws -> Security Gateway - R65 and older

R65 Suite for Windows (https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal/role/supportcenterUser/page/default.psml/media-type/html?action=portlets.DCFileAction&eventSubmit_doGetdcdetails=&fileid=7304)
R65 HFA 70 (https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal/role/supportcenterUser/page/default.psml/media-type/html?action=portlets.DCFileAction&eventSubmit_doGetdcdetails=&fileid=10679)

Not sure where to find R55. I could see HFAs, but not the base files. Check the server it's currently installed on - the files may be on there somewhere. If you're paying for support, try logging a ticket to ask for the files. Of course, you know you need to upgrade these systems, right? Both R55 and R65 are unsupported, so if you're going to keep paying the support fees, you might as well upgrade.

2011-04-27, 05:53
Try here for some R55 downloads - not sure if the links work:

Check Point Software: Check Point Next Generation (http://www.checkpoint.com/downloads/ng_application_intelligence/r55_updates.html)

2011-04-27, 08:28
Hi, thanks for the info, I had a look at the R65 suite for Windows, but when I go part way through the setup the option to install SmartCenter is not available.