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2011-04-14, 06:01
Hi there, I need to create a secondary managament for my checkpoint architetture..

I have not a second license to do this, so I think to replicate the actual management with the same IP and configuration on a virtual machine and start it only if the primary goes down. So I don't need 2 management running in the same time, but have a second machine to use in case of issue.

If the first go down i start the second and import the bakcup of the main management.

How I can to this? How to export/import the license from the management?


2011-04-14, 06:44
Upgrade Tools found in $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools. If not there then download from the Check Point website and extract to that directory.

As well as exporting the policy and objects then it also exports all of the licenses as well.

Tan Da Boss
2011-04-14, 08:20
You can have a look to this thread.
It explains more or less different solutions to your issue.