View Full Version : My summary of upgrade_export/upgrade_import, Backup/restore, and Snap-shot/Revert

B A Booracus
2011-04-11, 23:13
Hello, I spent a quite a bit of time in this forum looking for solid answers to the differences and pros/cons to each of the recovery methods. I put together a small table for a sanity check. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CORRECT and MAKE SUGGESTIONS.

Disclaimer, I saw a few "I think it works this way"... not interested in that. I would like a rock solid factual table here.

I put stuff in red that I'm not sure of the answer... please impart your knowledge!

Maybe we could collectively perfect this table and make the end result a "sticky"?

Also... couldn't figure out how to get the table displayed, so I attached it as a .png... any ideas on how to make a table in a forum post?

Thanks all!!!

B A Booracus
2011-04-11, 23:15
crap... thumbnail turned out pretty small. Any way to make a table in the post?