View Full Version : Multiple S-T-S, Multiple ISP interfaces

2006-05-24, 08:14
I have configured A site-to-site VPN on a Nortel NSF 5111 (CP NGXR60) Box to a ISA Server 2004.

I have specifically defined the following settings in Gateway -- > VPN --> Advanced -> Link Selectio by remote peer --> Always use --> IP Address from Topoligy Table --> External IP of my gateway.

VPN is working perfectly OK.

At present i have a single External, Single Internal and Sungle Management Interface.

I want to know that if a have a second ISP Link, & i configure that second linkon my Box as External no2,
can i have a configuration whereby My existing VPN (STS) uses my external IP as of now and if i have a SECOND S-T-S vpn it shuld use the external IP No2.

Logically speaking this does not sem to be possible to me, Cause i have only One Obkect in my CP configuration for my gateway and that has Link selection for VPN ==External 1 (Existing !!)

Pls note that this is Not ISP redundancy (as i dnt want either Load-balancing or ACTIVE/PASSIVE configuration)

Any comments are welcome..!!