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2011-03-31, 13:17
Hi all,

I'm planning to pass the CCSA exam next week.
Some people advice to prepare with the checkpoint CCSA r70/71 practice exam from the self-study website.
Are questions in the practice exam out of the same question pool like questions from the real exam?

The practice pool is 150 questions. Does someone know how much questions are in the real pool?


2011-03-31, 14:45
I passed the exam today, my suggestion is to study the practice exam questions. That's not to say you will see all the questions but every little bit helps.

2011-04-01, 04:20
Congratulation, Henaction! :o)

And thanks for your advice!

2011-12-03, 10:36
where can i get the CCSA R71 examquestion pool, can anyone tell me, or forward to me tyrian2uk@yahoo.co.uk, your help is much appreciated.

2011-12-05, 06:05
It's no secret. You will find the practice tool here: Training and Certifications (http://www.checkpoint.com/services/education/index.html)

All you have to to is to fill out the form.