View Full Version : Issues with Remote User Access?

2006-05-23, 22:37
I have a Checkpoint VPN-1 Edge device at my home network and am attempting to VPN into a server I have setup on my home network. I can see the VPN establishes correctly, but am having issues accessing the server once connectivity is established.

My original thoughts were that the issue may be with NAT and the edge device may not be NAT'ing the remote machine's IP. Once I looked through the settings and said for users to NOT bypass NAT, I still ran into issues that I was still ending up with the IP address the remote machine had instead of one assigned by the edge device.

I'm trying to access a network share on this machine, is there something that I am overlooking?

2006-08-09, 00:00
Are you trying to VPN from another location and not at the same location where your server is? I have found that if I try and VPN out of my local LAN and back into the local LAN that there always seems to be a routing issue. If I go to another location (T-mobile at Starbucks) I can make a connection and get to my internal LAN devices. I have seen this with Netgear, Sonicwall, and checkpoint. I have never been able to make that configuration work.