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2011-03-10, 22:21
My company is in the financial industry, very well compensated, is looking for a network/firewall engineer to add to
our network/engineering group. The company is located in Rockville, Maryland, about 30 minutes from Washington DC.

We are a Checkpoint, Cisco and BigIP F5 (load balancers) and BigIP (ssl vpn) shop. We're looking for an individual
the following requirements:

- Good working attitude and team work,
- Excellent knowledge with Checkpoint firewalls (SPLAT preferred),
- VPN technology, know how to setup and troubleshoot VPN on Cisco and Checkpoint devices
such as SPLAT, Cisco Pix/ASA, Cisco IOS and VPN Concentrator,
- Load balancers experiences with both Cisco CSS/ACE and F5 BigIP,
- SSL technology experience with F5 BigIP; however, if you don't have it, that's OK too,
- knowledge of Cisco Layer-2 switching technology, doesn't have to be an expert but you should know spanning-tree
how it works,
- knowledge of dynamic routing protocols on Cisco IOS such as OSPF, Eigrp, BGP. Again, don't have to be an expert
but you should know more than an average Joe,
- some scripting,

I've been interviewed about 5 candidates so far and all of them put of a lot experiences on their resumes but could
NOT back it up. For example, these candidates can't run tcpdump. Some don't even know "cplic print". This one is
my favorite, I log into Nokia voyager to look at the IPSO version, why do I even need to do "uname -a" or "fw ver"
to check for the firewall version from the CLI?

Basically, the way it works is you send me your resume. I will look at it and call you. If there is a fit, you will
come in for a face to face interview and you will demonstrate your skills with a lab scenario that I setup. The lab
is not easy but it is not difficult either. It is NOT CCIE skill level but the question deals with real production

A word of caution: our network engineering is a very small group, less than 8, but we have 4 CCIEs (two R&S and two in
Security). Those 4 CCIEs also have Checkpoint CCMSE so we are very knowledgable with both Checkpoint and Cisco
technologies. My boss is one of the CCIEs security and he passed the CCIE lab on the first attempt back in 2003 when
not too many people passed the lab, especially on the first attempt. Furthermore, he also graduated at the very top
of the universities in China so this guy is extremely smart. The candidate will be interviewed by myself and my boss
briefly and followed with a lab.

If you do well on the lab, you will be very likely hired.

Please send me your resume if you're interested. You will come in as a contractor for the first six months and then
become permanent after that. As I've mentioned before, the job is very well compensated, especially once you become
permanent employee. This is the best place I've worked in my 15 years as a network/firewall engineer.

Thanks in advance.

2011-03-12, 21:22
You've got a pm :)

2011-03-14, 08:37
I would consider it, but I just really don't want to move from Charleston... ever. Not saying I won't, just that I don't want to.