View Full Version : Study material for R71?

2011-03-07, 13:57

I am starting to study for R71 CCSA and wanted to know if anyone has found any books or material other than the Check courseware and the PDF's on the Checkpoint site. i cant seem to find any books for it, like Sybex, etc.


2011-03-07, 17:39
Hi Scrif,
i've planned to take the R71 exam next 24th March, so i've search any kind of paper/pdf/video/audio and so on documents about this exam. But the are only the official package documentation on the CP site.

Other these free PDF, i think the document below help us to pass this exam:

- Sybex - CCSA NGX Study Guide - 2003
- CBT Nugget video about CCSA R65/R70
- Boson exam test simulator for CCSA R70

If you find other docs please post here the name.

Thanks and Good Luck!