View Full Version : How to get R71 for learning

2011-03-07, 08:50

On checkpoint site without a valid software subscription R71 iso image cannot be downloaded. I have a general user account and atleast does not allow me to download it. I find this quite strange that for an eval version i need a support contract.
Checkpoint and its ways.
Can anyone who has R71 iso image for splat help me out by uploading it someplace.


2011-03-07, 20:15
Go to Try Our Products | Check Point Software (http://www.checkpoint.com/products/trials/index.html) and you should be able to get a copy to try.
If that doesn't work, contact a reseller.

2011-03-08, 03:51
Thanks Chillyjim, but it allows download of only R75 version not R71 version.

2011-03-09, 12:20
Hrmm that's silly. Well maybe not from a marketing POV.

I would contact a reseller or call into Check Point and ask the inside sales folks for a copy.

If that doesn't work let me know and I'll contact the certification folks. They should be able to get you a copy as R75 certification isn't ready yet.