View Full Version : VPN with NAT

2006-05-17, 13:21
I have a very perplexing problem. I am running CP 4.1 SP5 on a Solaris platform. I have a customer running NG (not sure if it is NGAI or NGX). I am trying to set up a VPN between his NG and my 4.1. The two firewalls commincate fine and can do key installs. However, after the key install, no encrypted packets are passed from his firewall to mine. His firewall logs indicate a private source address and I receive a public address during the key install. This seems to indicate he does NAT for his interface. His logs also indicate that no SAs were created.

Anyone have any idea why he can not send encrypted packets? This is not the first VPN I have tried to establish between 4.1 and NG. Others work fine. I have not encountered a problem like this before.

Thank you.