View Full Version : R75 VPN & Sharepoint

2011-01-26, 13:11
I've got the R75 client running OK in office mode. I have an internal Sharepoint site that won't work due to some kinf of windows authentication problem, works fine inside though. Referring to IE7 Advanced Internet Options. There's a box called Enable Integrated Windows Authentication. If the VPN client has this box checked, the connection to the Sharepoint device fails. If the user removes this check mark, restarts the browser connection to the sharepoint device works perfectly. This only happens with this one site and truthfully, the rest of the inside network seems to work OK with this setting unchecked.

So, question, is this a VPN glitch or a sharepoint config issue? Is there something I am overlooking in my Firewall rules? This is the R75 client connecting to an R70.40 Gateway on Power-1.

Thanks Much.

2011-02-14, 21:03
So I _think_ the "Use IWA" option will pass the credentials of the currently logged in user. If your VPN'd in, it (IE) is most likely passing the local machine user account credentials and not the domain credentials.