View Full Version : EDGE Dynamic IP

2006-05-16, 11:10
Hi all,
is anyone using a site to site with certificatewith EDGE X-Series with a dynamic IP address?
I need to do it for two reason:
-the main xDSL connection doesn't have a static IP address, so EDGE is behind the router with a private IP address
-the backup ISDN connection chages the Ip address and the VPN should work as well
The VPN is working, also with the backup, however it
is a bit "instable".

2006-06-11, 17:04
There are a few issues with this. What those issues are really depends on what you building the VPN to on the other side and how you're managing this device. giving the edge a private address is not really a good idea nor do you really need to have the router in front of it if this is just DSL.