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2005-08-13, 14:10
What is sys.conf used for?
(This should only be relevant for FireWall-1 4.1 and earlier)

sys.conf would exist for only one reason, for you to put into it the names of your firewalls [either by hostname, IP address, or name of the network object represneting the firewall]. This would then enable you, on the Management Server, to execute a command like:

fw load -all $FWDIR/conf/policy.W

and have FW-1 push the policy to each firewall listed in sys.conf. Alternatively, you could use

fw load -conf $FWDIR/conf/newyork.conf $FWDIR/conf/policy.W

which would have fw read the newyork.conf file to determine the firewalls (contained in there) so it could push the policy to them. As you can see, you may have multiple system configuration files that would enable you to have a little control from the command line. Any time a command accepts the -all, you are accessing sys.conf, by default.

-- GuyR - 11 Jan 2004

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