View Full Version : Passed CCSA R71 upgrade

2011-01-07, 08:09
Did the CCSA R71 upgrade test few weeks ago, passing with 76% score. I prepared to the test by going through a course at ATC, reading the course book and going through all available CP practice tests, until I got 100% every try. I also purchased boson testkit (for CCSA R70) and went through all of the questions in study mode. These studies, backed up with earlier R65 certification and several years of Check Point experience seemed to be enough. The official practice tests are helpful and you should study them well, as there are some exactly same questions in the certification test. I suppose Boson helped too, didn’t have too much time to spend on that though.

There were over 100 questions in the test and I had about 30 minutes time left, even after reviewing my flagged questions. Note that I had the non-native bonus time +30 mins, so I guess the normal 105 minute test time is ok for most. Only multiple choice questions, no checkboxes like in Boson tests. Few of the questions were in-your-face give exact command questions, that you don’t get from training book and require deeper knowledge, but in general the questions seemed fair.

I recieved a lot of VPN related questions, and questions related to upgrading to R71. In couple of questions the answer could’ve been either one of the “correct” options, this was very annoying. For example questions related to an engineer installing a R71 gateway at weekend.