View Full Version : upgrade utm 70.20to71.10 went good but no internet access

2010-12-10, 09:33
hi all
got utm 450
upgrade from R65 to R70.20 without any problem.
try today to upgrade to 71.10 and went fine.
all the policy config r there webui r good
but....no internet eccess.went to see the routing table and connection
on the webui and it looks fine.exectly as before all ETC are up and working.
went to upgrade agian to 71.20 i thught that it will be manage the problem automaticly

but steel the same problem no internet access.
aventuly i roll back to 70.20 umage and it came back fine with internet access.
the only thing that i can point of is that after upload the 71.10 file to the webui
it say that the:
This problem will occur in the following files:
R71 Gateways (/opt/CPsuite-R70/fw1/lib)
did change it to 2008 from 2004 as recomended on this site.
but no errors on the firmware update at all.
any solution???