View Full Version : CCSA R65 Exam 156-215.65 Validity

2010-11-13, 03:50

Is anyone aware of the R65 exam & certification validity ? as CCSA 70 is in place and soon CCSA 71/72 is going live. Will checkpoint withdraw this certificate and exam ?

any info would be helpful.



2010-11-13, 18:44
Check Point's current policy is that certifications are considered valid for 4 years after passing the exam, however R65 reaches end of support in March 2011. Prior to the implementation of the "4-year" rule in 2010, certifications were only considered valid for as long as the tested release version was supported by Check Point. So if you were to pass the CCSA R65 and CCSE R65 exams right now your certification would be considered valid for over 3.5 years after support has been withdrawn for R65. Obviously the market value of the R65 certification will be somewhat less than the R70+ certifications at that point.

Hard to say how soon the R65-based exams will be withdrawn from VUE, my guess is sometime in the latter half of 2011.

2010-11-23, 22:03
The general (but not hard and fast) rule is that we pull exams 6 months after End of Support of the product. That would work out to the latter half of 2011 :)

2010-11-25, 09:38
Thank You for the information.