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2010-10-22, 01:58
Hi Guys,

I have a urgent requirement of some information, I want to know R70 supports which all AISC based/appliance based firewall ie; on which all firewall models(appliance based) R70 can be installed.

Note:-I am not looking for servers.
Please address this query asap as I have very urgent requirement, if there is any document for that then please let me know.


2010-10-22, 02:10
Please comment on this,...

2010-10-22, 08:58
Please comment on this,...

OK, here's your comment... What on earth are you talking about? You either buy an approved appliance sold by CP or you buy an open server that's on the HCL. Sorry man, but there's really not much more to say about it than that so I'm not really sure what you're going for here.

2010-10-22, 12:23
Check Point is a software based firewall usually running on so-called generic/commodity Intel PC hardware. My guess is the OP is involved in a competitive situation with Juniper and/or Palo Alto Networks which claim support for running firewall code in ASICs on customized hardware. I believe the answer to this for Check Point is no unless Crossbeam has something available in this area; the Crossbeam platform options are not my strong suit.

2010-10-22, 19:03
Nortel had the last ASIC based system that would run CHKP.