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2010-10-07, 08:55
Hi all,

For some reason our checkpoint router here is refusing to load a web page - it just displays blank. We don't have any web filtering on. I've tried the site on a non checkpoint gateway and it works fine.

The site uses the opus plugin and it runs some health and safety training.

The Site is MAXIMUS (http://www.inductus.co.uk/maximus/index.php)

This isn't the first site I have encountered that doesn't load. I can't see anything obvious in the dashboard software or the logs.

Any help appreciated



2010-10-07, 09:37
This thread might be helpful to you. I had a similar issue with certain web sites not loading, increasing the http_buffer_size took care of the problem.


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2010-10-08, 08:58
Thanks for the suggestion however that doesn't resolve the problem.

We also have a problem with Youtube videos not loading, they just seem to buffer forever.

Here is the error I get on the previously mentioned Maximus website which works fine through our Cisco gateway.


Any help is greatly appreciated