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2010-09-29, 12:31

UTM Appliance out of space

found lots of .tmp files in /opt/CA/avengine/tmp/ArcTemp

av is turned on against http on the appliance

does anyone know what these files are and if the can be deleted? is there anyway of preventing these from building up so much?


2010-09-29, 13:34
confirmed from CP that its ok to delete these files

SK Article:
customer has 100% under /opt.


Under /opt/CA/avengine/tmp/ all the files that the AV engine is scan are been stored and after it deleted.


We can change the default path to /var with this procedure:

A. Create a new temp directory under /var/log:
# mkdir /var/log/CA
# mkdir /var/log/CA/avengine
# mkdir /var/log/CA/avengine/tmp

B. Backup and modify this file:
# cp $FWDIR/conf/content_security.C $FWDIR/conf/content_security.C.orig
# vi $FWDIR/conf/content_security.C

C. Scroll down to Global_AV_Settings -> engine_settings -> engine_temp_dir

D. Change the option from this:

:engine_temp_dir ("/opt/CA/avengine/tmp/")

to this:

:engine_temp_dir ("/var/log/CA/avengine/tmp/")

E. Save the file.

F. Install Policy.