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2005-08-13, 14:04
Which Platform Should I Use?
In general, you should go with the platform you feel the most comfortable with. The product functions almost identically from platform to platform except where there are underlying differences in the OS that affect how FireWall-1 does things.

Way back when Windows NT became an option for FireWall-1, Unix was far better than NT simply for reasons of stability. In the 3.0 days, experience suggests both platforms work reasonably well in the right environment. However, if you require high performance networking, Unix has consistently been proven to be a better way to go. Check Point's performance statistics show that Windows doesn't have the network throughput that a Unix machine typically has. My rule of thumb: If you need to push more than 10mb/s through your firewall, get a Unix machine.

Another option you might want to consider is the Nokia IP Security Platform. It is a hardware and software-based solution that runs a full version of Check Point FireWall-1. The OS, called IPSO, has been pre-hardened and optimized for routing and can be configured with a console cable and a web browser in about 30 minutes. It runs advanced routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, DVMRP, IGRP, RIP v1 and v2), includes high-availability functionality, and rate-shaping capabilities. All parts of the product (OS, hardware, FireWall-1) are supported through Nokia, Check Point, and a network of value-added resellers. More information about this product can be obtained from http://www.nokia.com

-- PhoneBoy - 10 Jan 2004

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