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2006-05-05, 10:01
Normaly the SecureClient take the newest Policy by logging in. But it is also possible to push the Policy from the smartcenter to the client?

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2006-05-06, 02:09
See parameters on Policy > Global Properties > Remote Access page. May be they will be helpful.

Topology Update.
Topology updates are downloaded to the client on a regular basis. In this way, the client is always aware of changes made in the network behind the gateway. Determine the frequency with which updated site details are downloaded to the client. By default, this takes place once a week but the value can be changed in the Hours box. In addition, determine whether this update occurs automatically or only when the SecuRemote/SecureClient starts.

VPN-1 SecureClient - Desktop Security Policy expiration time.
The Desktop security policy is only valid for a certain period of time. After half of this period has elapsed, the remote client queries the Policy Server for a renewal/update. If the renewal fails, the client again tries to renew the current policy after half of the remaining time has elapsed. If the renewal process continually fails, when the current Desktop Security Policy expires the remote client reverts to the default policy.