View Full Version : Eventia Analyzer: policy install commit error

2010-08-13, 05:39

I'm unable to install a new policy on the Eventia Analyzer part (R71), I get following error message:Installation failed. Reason: Failed to execute Policy install commit function.

Box is up&running, processes are OK, Analyzer is working as it should, allready did a reboot, receiving events...

Note that this is the "Analyzer" install policy, not the install database or install policy from the Mgmt server ! Does anybody have an idea ? Thanks...

2010-08-13, 07:24
Interesting progress: CPSEAD contains: Failed to create filter for high_connection_rate_on_external_host_on_service_1

When I disable that event in the Event policy, I'm able to install the Analyzer policy. This is R71...