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2010-07-09, 08:06
Hi all

we just recently upgraded our Provider-1 Infrastructure (Mgmt HA) to R70.30. In some scripts on the MDS, we check, if it's the active or the passive MDS. Up to R65, we used the command "cpstat mg" on MDS level. Unfortunaly, this doesn't work anymore.

Is there anyones aware of another command to find out, if the local MDS is the active or the passive one? I know, it's possible from within a CMA level.

Thanks for any hint,

2010-07-09, 08:29
Try "mdsstat -h" to get the legend of various switch options. If it's an HA manager, and you haven't upgraded the other one, then I'm guessing that they will both think that they are active until you upgrade the other one and re-establish HA sync.

2010-07-09, 09:07
well, mdsstat will show you the cma's with its processes and PIDs, but not, if the mds is the active one ore not. What I'm looking for it a command, that show somehome "active" on the primary mds and "standby" on the HA box, like the mdg shows.

2010-07-09, 12:50
I guess I should have tested that before offering the advice ;)

The only other way that I knew of was as you described from the CMA context...

2011-02-11, 23:34
Does your question make sense at an MDS level given that a given CMA may be in standby on that MDS? I think the point here is that the command (now) returns information at the only level at which it makes sense. (And yes, I agree that it's painful when your trusted scripts break without warning, especially when they're the one to fix the recurring issue of disappearing "don't check packets from" anti-spoofing exclusions! But don't get me started about Check Point and quality control!)