View Full Version : Mandatory Hotfix for customers who have enabled the R71 SSL VPN Blade

2010-06-15, 19:31
See sk44959. Anyone know the details about this one? Looks interesting....

2010-06-21, 11:02
Don't have the details but same symptoms on versions 70.30

2010-07-06, 07:11

An important hotfix without the ususual "contact support" hassle.
Now they just need to give a better description on what is going on, then I can begin to like them.
(could it be very security related, so they don't want to give anyone any ideas???)

I was testing a single FW with the SSL VPN blade (connectra stuff) on R71 in a lab yesterday, but only for a short while.
Did not notice anything special, except my ssh session to the gw hung and timed out on policy install after activating SSL.
Will try again today also without and then with this fix.

- Petter

2010-07-08, 09:31
I suspect security bug like this one.

US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#261869 (http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/261869)