View Full Version : Security Gateway VE - "Avatar" Early Availability Program

2010-05-20, 14:52
Avatar release is a unique solution for securing VMware virtualized environments. Avatar serves as a Security Gateway (based on R70) installed as a virtual machine on the VMware ESX server and provides all the security features found in physical security gateways, such as Firewall and IPS.

Additionally, Avatar integrates with the VMware hypervisor via vNetwork Appliance APIs (VMsafe APIs) providing unique security features for VMware deployments:

* Protect each existing/new VM automatically (Bypass, Block, Secure, Monitor-Only)
* Protect against VM spoofing in Layer 2 and 3
* Audit & Log VMware security related events such as VM creation, topology changes
* Support VMware features such as vMotion, DRS, DVS

Join the EA program via User Center in Products > Early Availability.

2010-05-21, 02:30
Do you know which OS runs on it? Is it a SPLAT based appliance?
I have not found any information on that...

2010-05-21, 10:59
Yes it runs SPLAT. Were you expecting something else?

2010-05-22, 02:21
I'm excited to test this product, especially given the amount of virtualization we're doing. Can't wait to inspect VSwitch traffic. Hopefully it's compatible with Lab Manager too! ;)

2010-08-20, 18:21
New version of VE has been released in User Center under Products > Early Availability!

R71 based.
Bug fixes.
Improved VMotion integration
Improved logs in the Smart View Tracker.