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Barry J. Stiefel
2010-05-20, 00:21
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April 12, 2010

Applies To
Security Gateway, Security Management, Provider-1
IPSO 6.2
Linux 5.0


R70.30 is a version update that improves security and stability, and resolves customer reported issues.

What’s New

The following features are enhancements to R70.30:

Non-English regional formats are now supported in the map visualization features of SmartDashboard, IPS Event Analysis and Eventia Analyzer
IPS Event Analysis and Eventia Analyzer
SmartWorkflow reports can now be viewed in Windows 7
It is now possible to use the SSL Network Extender client to access internal resources behind the Security Gateway, using a client digital certificate that is signed by a subordinate Certificate Authority (CA). The certificate does not need to be directly signed by a trusted CA. For example, the certificate can be signed by a CA that belongs to the organization itself, which is in turn signed by a trusted root CA
For details, see Release Notes [URL="http://enews.checkpoint.com/servlet/cc6?JosiQWRSAQWV7c12bGzgGexbvzgw0f62bwvGvEbvGQ8wfV aVA"]R70.30 (http://enews.checkpoint.com/servlet/cc6?JosiQWRSAQWV7c12bGzgGexbvzgw0f62bwvGvEbvGQ8wfV aVY).

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