View Full Version : How to make certificate for interoperable device?

2006-04-20, 03:29
I need to establish the Site-to-Site VPN between NGX R60 and some interoperable device (actually, FreeBSD server with Racoon daemon), so i need to make the PAM-encoded certificate and private key for this device.

Is it possible to issue such certificate by Internal CA? Do i need to switch on any "certificate extended key usage" check-boxes in the "Internal CA Management tool" for this?

Thanks in advance for any advices/suggestions.

2006-04-20, 08:46
Internal CA is just that... internal. An interoperatable device isn't managed by you so you can't make a cert from your management station for the interoperatable device. I'm pretty sure that you would have to get the cert from the device or the manager of that device.