View Full Version : Eventia Suite R70 installation

2010-02-23, 14:11
Hi guys,

I'm new on the Eventia Suite, so i need some help on it.

I have a distributed R70 environment. I'm trying to add Eventia Suite in this topology.

For this purpose I've installed a new CP Managent as a Log Server and also installed Eventia Suite (all 3 elements) on it. I defined this server on Dashboard as a CheckPoint host and trust established. On the General Properties > Management tab of this object, I checked Reporting however Event Correlation part is greyed out and I couldn't find why?

Do you have any idea? I appritiate all your help.


2010-02-23, 17:54
My first guess would be that you need to license it properly. In the case of Eventia, you must license it to the IP of the server and not for that of your SCS.

You can apply this license through SmartUpdate on your SCS, it will automatically attach itself to the proper object when imported.

2010-02-26, 02:44
Are you using the R70.20 SmartDashboard with an R70 SmartCenter by chance? I ran into an issue a few weeks ago when setting up Eventia. I went back and launched the R70 Dashboard instead, and the Eventia object allowed all of the Eventia items to be checked.