View Full Version : Migrating SmartCenter Server to Win2003

2006-04-18, 10:32
Does anyone have any ideas with an issue i am having after having imported an export from my old smart center server on win 2000 to an new server win2003 which also has a different ip address; the import works fine but i get the following errror when trying to get my interface address and topology :

'Failed to get address table (no SNMP daemon installed)'

I have got snmp installed and running.


2006-04-19, 02:35
1'st check SIC status between SC and module

2006-07-20, 04:53
Hi made the same thing.
My old management server based on W2k and I want to move it
To new hardware and OS = W2k3
-First I make upgrade_export from old server,
- then installed the same checkpoint software to the same path on new server.
With same host name and ip address.
- shutdown old server
- run upgrade_import on new server from backup file (upgrade_export)
- connecting new server instead old to the network.
All starts without errors.
All objects and users and license presents.
No pings from new server to any place
No connections to a FW modules (smart view status)
Unable to install any policy (error 10 tcp connection problem)
Management server manages one cluster with 2 FW modules (Splat)
And one another module (Splat)
All software R55_AI
When I connecting back the old server everything is working properly

Need help