View Full Version : password recovery on UTM-1 R65 using webportal

2010-02-16, 21:07
I didn't forget it, this device was assigned to me by someone who did forget it. Anyways, upon webbing into the device there's this option that says "forgot password?" why yes I did! So I click it and up pops this box:


Any idea on where I can get this file to do password recovery?

2010-02-16, 21:13
It would have had to been downloaded before you try to do the recovery.

2010-02-18, 12:41
Well I do not have the file that is used to do this recovery which means I have to use a different option...

Doing the conventional linux Live CD password recovery option will not work here for many reasons, primarily because there is no CD rom drive or keyboard or monitor port to follow the commands.

I have this 'usb key' which says that I can use it to reset factory defaults of the device. Anyone have any strategy as to how to do this type of password recovery?

2010-02-19, 15:27
There is no supported method of recovering the password on Check Point appliances without the password recovery file. Your only option at this point would be to reset the system to factory defaults.

In theory sk24666 would work if you could get a Live Linux CD that provided console port output by default. I believe the only reason that this is not supported is because you have no access to a VGA port on the appliance and Live CDs don't enabled the tty console ports.

2010-02-19, 18:56
The problem is, I'm going to be walking a remote person through this over the phone. The only option at this point is to do a full factory reset. I think I have everything ready but I'm concerned about getting smartdashboard to connect to the device again after the factory reset. Will I have to do SIC again? Do I have to edit the administrators list? Will I have to change anything in SmartDashboard or will it think nothing happened so I can push the same profile to the same device again.

2010-02-23, 19:27
hey real quick. if i restore factory defaults is it going to ask for license key again?

2011-07-20, 18:08
So... is there an answer to this question?.