View Full Version : UTM-570 and http download of a big files

2010-02-10, 08:45
when I try to download very big file (5 GB), the space on "/"
partition goes down to zero and the file is never downloaded properly.
During download the file is probably saved also to directory
"$FWDIR/tmp/" . Is it safe to link this directory for example under
"/var/log" where is plenty of space ?
Or can I resize the "/" partition or is there any other solution ?

Thank you

2010-02-10, 09:04
I don't see any reason why a symlink wouldn't work. However, I'd question why the file is being stored on the gateway. What's the name of the file that is so large? Are you using some sort of AV product?

2010-02-10, 09:37
Antivir is integrated in UTM-1. However if the file is greater than 150 MB, it should't be scanned. The files are generated during download and they have the names filekkktka, fileytS0rA etc. - obviously randomly generated names.
About symlinks - there are also some subdirectories under this directory and I am afraid about future upgrades.
Because after upgrade from R65 to R70 and R70.2 there is only 4GB of free space in "/" partition I thought it would be quite widespreaded problem.

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2010-02-11, 02:54
The fact that these files live in the root partition is shocking design... Yet another strike against the AV product. Ouch...