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Barry J. Stiefel
2005-08-13, 13:54
Which Firewall-1 Build goes with which service pack?

I can use fw ver to get output, but what service pack (Feature Pack) does that reflect?

Answer If you have a IPSO-based platform, the variable "FWDIR" is set to a directory that reflects the appropriate "service pack" which makes this very easy. For other platforms, it is not so easy. The concept of a build number showing up in 'fw ver' output did not happen until later builds of 3.0b (3045 was the first public one). The "service pack" concept did not hit Check Point until 3.0b build 3083 (i.e. SP8). In the NG release of FireWall-1, service packs are now called "feature packs."

Look at the following table (The build number refers to "fw ver", not "fw ver -k" or the GUI build number)

Build Number Service Pack3078 3.0b SP8 (Nokia)3083 3.0b SP83096 3.0b SP94031 4.0 SP14034 4.0 SP24056 4.0 SP34064 4.0 SP3 + hotfix4066 4.0 SP44094 4.0 SP541?? 4.0 SP64201 4.0 SP74304 4.0 SP841439 4.1 SP041489 4.1 SP141492 4.1 SP1 on IPSO41716 4.1 SP241814 4.1 SP341821 4.1 SP3 on IPSO41862 4.1 SP441864 4.1 SP4 on IPSO41510 4.1 SP541515 4.1 SP5 hotfix on IPSO41617 4.1 SP650xxx NG Feature Pack 051131 NG Feature Pack 1 (except IPSO)51012 NG Feature Pack 1 on IPSO52163 NG Feature Pack 2 (except IPSO)52207 NG Feature Pack 2 on IPSO53225 NG Feature Pack 3

Recent 4.1 hotfixes from Check Point Support will have build numbers of the form 3xxyzz where:

x is the major version (e.g. 41 = 4.1, NG = 50)

y is the service pack number

zz is a unique identifier

So, for example, 341526 is a hotfix for FireWall-1 4.1 SP5.

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