View Full Version : Smart view monitor is not showing all the information

2010-01-22, 06:18
Hi All,

My smart view monitor is not showing all the information. Some columns are showing dots...Please help

2010-01-22, 09:24
Sounds like the column is too small to display the data. Expand the column

2010-01-22, 10:10
No I tried expanding the columns it is not that but the smartview monitor is giving the gateway name's correctly its just the columns on the right side where you get the ip addresses and others thats comes up with dots...

2010-01-26, 05:16
Hi All,

Just to update it I tried to kill the cpd daemon the firewalls and restarted it using cpd &. Then did a cpstop and cpstart got this error message.
The procedure entry point ?check_all_install_on_targets@@YAHPAVfwset@@P6AH0@ Z@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library verify.dll.

Has any one seen this error message.

2010-01-26, 09:30
Never seen that before. Can you post some more information about the environment.... SPLAT / IPSO, software number, device version, etc. ? My gut reaction though says reinstall.


2010-01-27, 12:43

The customer has got two windows smart centre server running in HA mode.

These servers are managing 15 different nokia firewalls. The firewalls form a cluster of two members.

They are all NGX R60.