View Full Version : VPN problems

2010-01-06, 04:59
A couple of months ago, I set up VPN on a clients UTM-1 130. It all run smootly until a couple of days ago. Now Iím experiensing problems creating sites in SecureClient.

When I create create a site while located on the LAN, there are no problems. But when I create a site while located externally, the process just times out, and the SmartView Tracker shows no activity.

Hereís the strange part: If I create a new site on LAN, I can connect successfully to it, when Iím located externally.

2010-01-06, 06:20
1) what has change since is last work ?

2) what does SecureClient log show ?

3) run debugs commands for VPN connections between SecureClient and Security Gateways?

4) intiate packet capture tcpdump or whireshark?

2010-01-06, 06:26
May be some of your external network device is blocking the topology download, definitely it could be the issue with some blocking only, its not strange ;)