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2009-12-24, 11:06
I plan to get a CCSE+ sometime in the near future. However, with a lot of Check Point exams moving to R70, I'm wondering if I should hold off for now.

I currently have CCSE R65, and I plan to accelerate that to R70 as soon as that test is available. The CCMSE and CCMSE+VSX exams are announced for R70, so I am definitely waiting for those.

My question is, does anyone have any clue if CCSE+ will have an R70 test? I just don't want to waste my time taking a test that will soon be expired.

2010-03-31, 23:43

First, let me just compliment you on your stellar username.

Anyway, my take on this is: it's a very nuts and bolts oriented exam. This stuff doesn't change a whole heck of a lot. I would just go ahead, since it's not clear how long it'll take Check Point to put out the R70 CCSE Plus test.

Thus, I would recommend you take the CCSE+, then the R70 CCSE test.

2010-04-01, 00:25
There do not appear to be any plans at this time for a CCSE+ R70. All the material from the R65 Admin III (CCSE+) class was rolled into the CCSE R70 class along with a couple of new R70 features like SmartWorkflow.

2010-04-06, 23:25

Are you quite certain that the R70 CCSE exam covers the troubleshooting and debugging aspects in the R65 CCSE Plus? I looked at the CP website, and it doesn't look that way.

2010-04-14, 09:15
Thanks for your input, Robert and Shadow. I agree that the path you described would be best. I have been concentrating on another vendor while waiting for this to get ironed out. However, I will need to start going after this soon.

I have taken a brief look into the CCSE R70 material. I don't see a lot of overlap with CCSE+, especially with the CLI commands. I could be missing some material, though. On the other hand, the CP Training and Cert site (Training & Certification (http://www.checkpoint.com/services/education/index.html)) no longer mentions the CCSE+

Maybe they just took the pieces they wanted out and are phasing out the CCSE+?