View Full Version : Eventia Reporter needs help!

2009-12-16, 11:10

I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. My Eventia reporter seems to have got itself in a bit of a tizz.

I was getting the following message in Checkpoint Monitor.

Eventia Reporter:
Error: Problem found in one or more of log consolidator sessions

Tried to re-create the session and it showed as aborted and I can see the following in the lc_rt.log

[16 Dec 14:06:26][LogConsolidator] LCStoredProcSQLs::DeleteByMarkerMySQL - Error:failed to run stored procedure.

[16 Dec 14:06:26][LogConsolidator] Lost connection to MySQL server during query
[16 Dec 14:06:26][LogConsolidator] Error:failed to delete connections from database

[16 Dec 14:06:26][LogConsolidator] Error: failed to run log_consolidator -R

[16 Dec 14:06:26][LogConsolidator] Aborted
[16 Dec 14:06:26][LogConsolidator] An error has occurred in the Log Consolidator.
View the file $RTDIR/log_consolidator_engine/log/<log server ip>/lc_rt.log.
Note that once the problem is fixed, you must restart the Log Consolidator service.

Any ideas, thanks.

NGX R65 on Windows 2003 - Smart Center and Eventia on same machine