View Full Version : Upgrading VSX Management to R60 or R61

2006-04-07, 21:35
I posted this on the VSX group but no one said anything. So I figure I try it here.

I have a VSX NGAI deployment and haven't read any of the docs on upgrading yet. In fact I am new to VSX.

I am looking for comments from anyone who has done any upgrades on VSX and what the experience has been.

Need to deploy more VSX gateways and I need to upgrade the management before I do so. My goal is to use R61.


2006-04-08, 03:33
I found information about upgrade on docs "CheckPoint_VSX_NGX_GettingStarted.pdf" and "VPN-1_VSX_NGX_UserGuide.pdf". Main goal of upgrade, I think, upgrade SmartCenter.

Quote - "Upgrading Previous Deployments First SmartCenter Server/Provider-1 must be upgraded to version R60A. Once the management server has been
upgraded, the vsx_util command on the management server in conjunction with the VPN-1 VSX NGX CD is used to upgrade the gateway."

SmartCenter is very important in deployment VSX. You can restore you VSX modules from configuration on SC with utility vsx_util (without backup configuration from modules).

About R61, I already saw disks R61. VSX NGX R61 disk and VSX NGX disk are identical. Differences only in SmartCenter (or Provider-1).