View Full Version : Where are my VPN connection profiles?

2009-12-02, 09:18
Endpoint Connect seems to work just fine under Windows 7. However, I'm missing the possibility to change between my "VPN connection profiles". This is essential to me. I'm asking myself which VPN connection profile Endpoint Connect is currently using to connect. I didn't choose one from the central ones I configured in SmartDashboard for all my RemoteAccess VPN users.

2009-12-02, 10:38
Hi Dan,

Connection profiels don't exist in Endpoint Connect. Neither do "Sites". Or "topologies". Endpoint Connect connects to a "Gateway", and cycles through all the connection options until it finds one that works (note: OM is used by default - you MUST use a virtual adapter with an assigned OM address with EPC).

This isn't too bad, unless you have multiple sites or a single site with multiple gateways that the VPN client might want to connect to concurrently. Because EPC only supports ONE active tunnel (unlike SR/SC, which would support many). A feature called Secondary Connect is due in R73 EPC that fixes this, as well as other issues with topology.

As such, it's useless to me and several of my customers. Which is a pity, because the interface and some of the new features are pretty nice. And don't get me started about the licensing issues and lack of a $0 option for VPN with it at this stage.

P.S. With SR/SC going EOL, have you heard anything from your Sofaware mate about supporting EPC yet?