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2006-04-03, 16:02
Hi, we're scheduled to bring a second router online for redundancy. TELCO says we have to configure BGP between routers. How do I configure Checkpoint to see secondary router in case of failover? Do I need to buy an more modules? Thanx

2006-04-04, 01:31
This is a complex issue. I recommend you to consult with you CheckPoint integrators (to get all pros and cons). BGP is not the only way to do a multihoming (and redundancy). You can also use integrated checkpoint feature "ISP Redundancy"
Also think about twat do you really mead redundancy/load balancing or both. The first is much cheaper.

P.S. Are the both routers from the same ISP?

2006-04-04, 17:29
If you're running SPlat and NG you should have the ISP redun Sergej mentioned. It is a tab under Topology in the settings page of your gateway object. Here you can define another external interface for either backup or load balancing.