View Full Version : Please help me to understand UTM

2009-10-16, 07:39
I currently have an old Nokia IP530 HA cluster which I need to upgrade to a new R70 system

Initially I wanted to replace them with Power-1 5075's, but I can't really justify the cost. My question is, can I run the following blades on a UTM-1 2073?...

- Firewall blade
- VPN blade
- Advanced Networking blade for QoS
- Acceleration & Clustering blade for SecureXL, CoreXL, ClusterXL

Other than the obvious hardware differences, can a UTM system do everything a Power-1 can do in terms of functionality? i.e. state table clustering etc?


2009-10-16, 07:56
In short, yes. Based on the technologies you've listed, there's no dramas with using a UTM-1 box for that. IPS blade is probably the one where a Power series may make a difference, because of the multicore nonsense... otherwise, the rest should fit fine.