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2009-10-15, 12:45
Anyone running with these appliances? Is this a better path than a powerful Sun platform and SPLAT? Thanks.

Check Point Power-1 Appliances - Security for high-performance environments (http://www.checkpoint.com/products/power-1/index.html)
Smart-1 Appliances - Security Management Appliance (http://www.checkpoint.com/products/smart-1/index.html)

2013-09-04, 06:16
I noticed that there are so many Check Point technologies.
Iíve been looking around but couldnít find a summary about these.
I would appreciate if someone can explain in a brief about it.

UTM-1 vs Power-1 vs Smart-1 vs Open Servers | A Firewall Engineer (http://firewallengineer.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/utm-1-vs-power-1-vs-smart-1-vs-open-servers/)

2013-09-04, 08:45
They aren't technologies but simply hardware platforms

UTM-1 - Legacy Appliance range, supported running Unified Threat Management, ie URL Filtering - Anti-Virus
Power-1 - Legacy Appliance range aimed at higher performance typically not running UTM just Firewall/VPN/IPS

Check Point Security Appliances (http://www.checkpoint.com/products/appliances/index.html)

You can find more about 2012, Smart Appliances Datacenter Appliances at the URL above. Simply different levels of hardware for different levels of performance.
SMART-1 Appliances are aimed at Management Platform, others are Gateways

If you don't like to buy Appliances then you can go Open Server which is were you buy a server from HP, Dell, IBM etc from the Hardware Compatibility List and install Check Point on the Server.

2013-09-04, 09:15
These are, as mcnallym suggests, marketing names Check Point has used over the years for the various appliances.
Don't forget IP Appliances, which were the appliances that were formerly sold by Nokia. :)

The current lines of Check Point appliances are the 2012 Appliances for gateways and the Smart-1s for management.

At this point the UTM-1/Power-1 are already end of sale, but are still supported per Check Point's Hardware Lifecycle page.
The IP Appliances will be end of sale at the end of 2013 and will be supported until the end of 2018.