View Full Version : reading FW-policy from the node?

2009-09-24, 02:41
Hi all,

letīs say I would have a crashed fw-management server, of which
I wouldnīt have an updated backup. So, I would have my updated
fw-policy on my FW-node. How can I copy this to a new management server,
or at least read the policy to re-write the fw-rules to new server?

I certainly hope the is a way?????

thanks in advance !

2009-09-24, 02:48
I don't believe that you can with NGX.

2009-09-24, 03:02
Hi, this software version is old, R55 ... does it chance anything?

2009-09-24, 07:42
You could possibly do it (I haven't tried this - but it might work):

- Copy the $FWDIR/conf directory from the firewall to a local machine.
- Download and run Nipper (Welcome to Titania (http://www.titania.co.uk/)) across the directory.

Might work !

2009-09-24, 08:09
You can get most stuff back with ofiller:


Check out the tutorial PDF doc contained with it, specifically section 9:

"Recovering objects from a Gateway when SmartCenter has crashed and no
backups are available"