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2006-03-29, 22:13
Hi everybody

I downloaded image R60 of vmware on site checkpoint. But I don't know username, password. Anybody know can tell me.

Thank you very much

2006-03-30, 03:04
May be admin admin ?

2006-03-30, 04:48
Where did you get the image?
It would be good to have some DVD with prebuild demo scenarios. Microsoft have such DVD for ISA2004 promotion. 3-4 preconfigured virtual machines starts at one click. You even have hack.bat script to show how cool ISA is. :)

2006-03-30, 05:04

2006-04-01, 13:27
(This was my April First joke)

According to a last info Checkpoint will also release "live CD" like SPLAT version (live linux boots directly from CD, no HDD installation needed, more info here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_live_cd ). Any diskless server can be converted to the best of breed firewall in minutes. Just boot the server from CD. All the config files and user database will be stored and downloaded from you usercenter account. The beta version is available via Early Availability Program.

Imagine, no upgrade_import on upgrade_export. No FHA, no faulty disks. Just insert the new LiveSPLAT in the CD reboot and, you have upgraded firewall.

Regardless of SPLAT is based on RHAS new LiveSPALT are based finnix or SLAX (I cant clearly understand this from beta I have)