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2009-09-04, 08:53
I've been studying for CCSA exam, and had a question about NAT. On my braindump review, I found two similar questions with different answers.

The question essential says you have two networks ( and You want to create a hide mode NAT to allow out ONLY those two networks, hidden behind You want to use the minimum number of NAT rules.

The likely answers are either
A) Create an address range -, and enable hide NAT on that object
B) Create two seperate network objects ( and and enable hide NAT on each of those objects.

The practice test says the answer is B. But I've seen other tests that say the answer should be A. Anybody here have comments?


2009-09-04, 15:10
Can't be A. An address range would also include 192.168.11/24, 192.168.12/24, 192.168.13/24, 192.168.14/24, etc.

that would cover a far larger number of networks, and the question asks about which rules would NAT ONLY those two /24s.

2009-09-05, 04:22
totally agree with Northlandboy.

2009-09-08, 09:13
Of course, went a little braindead. Thanks!!

2009-10-01, 12:17
Hi everyone. im new member, and i saw the same question. The A is wrong respone, i agree too, but on this kind of questions i dont know how to response beacause may be checkpoint o testking mistake.