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2006-03-27, 12:28
I'm trying to tackle the age old problem of getting meaningful information from a massive Checkpoint log. I just starting using a demo version of a product from AventNet called FWAnalyzer. Has any one tried or presently use this product that can offer feedback? Can you suggest any other FW log analyzers? Also, what is the consequence of setting the tracking option to account versus log? Is this option more intensive on the FW and does it create even a more massive log file?


2006-03-27, 16:09
Account add in the traffic data (bytes/packets in/out)

Have you looked at Eventia Reporter and Analyzer from Check Point?

2006-03-28, 15:19
The only reason to use third part CheckPoint log analyzers is the price. Some of the third part products is 10 times cheaper. I do not think that any other product will dig logs better (and most probably friendly) than integrated CheckPoint solution (Eventia Reporter)

adventnet.com products are VERY sweet (and almost FREE!). Our customers just fall in love into NetFlow analyzer (for cisco routers). I did not tried Firewall analyzer. We can all go to "Live Demo" section and try it (http://manageengine.adventnet.com/products/firewall/index.html -> Live Demo).
Ask for help on the adventnet.com forums. Support fellows on the forum are very obliging.