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2009-09-01, 21:07
I have NGX R65 smartcenter server on Windows with HFA30, exported the configuration using upgrade_export tool. I have to test the disaster recovery of smart center server on a test PC. What is the step that I need to follow? I tried running the setup from the CD and selected "import the config" option. I am getting the below error

upgrade import function failed. Please check the log file.


2009-09-01, 21:41
You'll need to do a full install of SmartCentre and create a new basic config (that you'll ignore).

Patch the new SCS to the same or higher HFA level. Then do your upgrade import. Make sure you use the same or higher version of the upgrade_import tools than you used to do the upgrade export.

I had the same (or similar) problem when moving my SCS to VMWare:

2009-09-02, 03:34
Thanks, Now when I execute upgrade_import the error message is " The upgrade import tool has detected that the plug-ins installed on this machine are not identical to the plug-ins installed on the source machine.

Apparently I did not select connectra plugin. How do I install this plugin alone? I re run the setup again and selected the plugin, but it is not appearing in the add/remove programs section.

2009-09-02, 09:23
Search in SK regarding this - basically you just need to alter the configuration files so that it knows not to look for Connectra.