View Full Version : Blocking Bittorrent

2009-07-13, 16:51
I have a client site running R65 HFA40 where they are trying to block bit torrent. The smart defense profiles are up to date and the rules are enabled to block this but some torrent clients continue to work. (I do see some getting blocked in the logs)
In a perfect world they'd have a proper desktop policy, but.. until such time, what is the best bet for stopping filesharing?

2009-07-13, 18:39
If it was me, I'd restrict outbound access to known web ports (80, 443, plus some common alternatives - 8000, 8080).

I'd also restrict inbound connections, which stuffs up a lot of Torrents.

Long term I'd filter all their web access through a proxy.

2009-07-14, 07:38
It may be the encryption options included in some of the new torrent clients.
Do you know which torrent clients are still working ?