View Full Version : issues opening eventia through smart dashboard

2009-06-04, 02:20
hi all

when attempting to open eventia reporter through the window drop down menu in dashboard, it starts up eventia but connects to the utm-1 device instead of the now dedicated eventia server.

how do i fix this?

2009-06-04, 07:15
You'll need to connect via Start - Program Files and specify the IP address of your Eventia box, rather than the drop down option in the Dashboard. This is because it assumes you are connecting to the same server as the Smartcentre for each of the options in the Dashboard

2009-06-04, 13:50
This is fixed with R70

2009-06-10, 20:14
This is fixed with R70

thanks for that. do you have a link to say this? i cannot find this on the checkpoint site.


ps. i'm not doubting you. our checkpoint guru is on leave and i'm clueless about this stuff

2009-06-10, 21:17
Can't find it anywhere but it does work in production anyway.

2009-06-15, 01:24
Can't find it anywhere but it does work in production anyway.

so how would this be configured in r70?

is there a setting within r70 smartdashboard to connect eventia to a different server?

2009-06-26, 17:19
Assuming your devices are defined properly in your SmartDashboard, R70's drop down window gives you the options you are looking for. There is suppose to be a way to add yet more option, but support is still trying to track that down for me....