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2009-06-02, 17:11
Anyone using a Cisco VPN client with Endpoint R71 client on Vista PCs? I realize there is a known problem with Cisco VPN when using R71 but I don't see much about it. Maybe Cisco VPN isn't as popular as I thought it was but I would think there would be a lot of people in this situation. When we connect to the Cisco concentrator when R71 is installed there is no data being passed between the client and concentrator. As far as I can tell, R71 is the only version of Endpoint that works on Vista. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks!

2009-06-03, 09:46
You are correct R71 or build 7.3 is the only version that can be used on Vista 32 bit. Version 7.5 should be released either this month or next. This is a server and client upgrade. I would test this.

Which version of the cisco client are you using? I would try with a couple of different versions. I believe versions 4.8 and above should work. However I believe that installing Cisco first then the CPES client is preferred. In any case changing the installation order of the two prevents them from stepping on each other and sometimes resolves issues.

Also there is a NOVSDATA option that can be used with the cisco client but that may be depreciated.


2009-06-08, 13:06
Thanks for the reply! I tried Cisco VPN first and CheckPoint first but no go. I have to use Cisco VPN 5 or newer for Vista so I tried the newest 5.0.5 but that didn't work. There isn't a NOVSDATA option anymore but I used the equivalent setup option msiexec.exe /i vpnclient_setup.msi DONTINSTALLFIREWALL=1 but that didn't seem to work either. Hopefully version 7.5 will do the trick, otherwise, let me know if you or anyone else has any other ideas. Thanks!

2009-06-08, 17:05
7.5.x should be GA at the end of the month.